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Kathmandu Removals provides Removal Services for Office Removals Sydney (also known as Commercial Removals or Office Relocation; provide effective moving solutions for businesses large or small.

Your removal service can include archive box supplies, office furniture and commercial asset removals and furniture clearances. We can also provide protective packaging for sensitive documents and computer equipment.

In order to achieve a top-quality result, the cargo will be safely and efficiently moved away by the aid of the most suitable moving supplies, depending on the size and on the peculiar features of each single item that needs to be moved. At each stage, we can make sure your items are safely transported. For this purpose, we use a range of supplies including lifting straps, trucks, and all the accessories required for a safe up-load of the cargo in the van.

Our priority is to prevent your belongings from being damaged and to properly relocate them according to your exigencies.

Starting and finishing in time

While home relocations certainly also feature deadlines that come with the lack of comfort of having to live without furniture and such, delays are much more costly when it comes to office removals. Businesses need to be available to their clients and be able to do their work when work is available. Every day that a move takes longer than it is supposed to, a profitable business will lose profits and possibly even long term customers due to the delay. In order to avoid such problems, it is important that the relocation starts at the scheduled time and is finished on schedule as well. This type of precision calls for meticulous planning and flawless execution that some removal companies aren’t able to provide.

We, the team of Kathmandu Removals, are the best qualified removal team in the greater Sydney area. We are seasoned veterans who have performed during many office relocations in the past, making us the company that is head and shoulders above the rest. Our movers are never late and always prepared for what lies ahead of them. Whether you have many heavy and fragile appliances, such as printers, photocopiers and computers or thousands of documents that need to be taken care of, we know just what to do in order to handle the situation and finish our job when we are supposed to. Call and speak with our representatives about our service and the way in which we can be beneficial to your upcoming move. This way you can be sure that you won’t have to wait on your removal team to do their job, so that your business can do its job. We will be there and get the job done for you and your business!

Safety and care during your office relocation

Much like during any other relocation, it needs to be a top priority to ensure that your belongings aren’t damaged in the process of the move. The best way to ensure that nothing gets damaged during the transport is by properly securing all of the fragile items before the actual move. Since it is our main interest to provide comprehensive service to our private and commercial customers alike, it is also possible for you to book us to do the packing for you. In addition to that, we can bring you some of the materials that will help to keep your appliances and documents from being damaged. We can supply removal boxes, blankets and other useful packing materials for your office relocation. Simply talk to one of our team members about your move and ask about our packing service. Our representative will gladly provide you with a free quote and lots of additional information, if you’d like.

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